Why the Art of hosting in Israel right now?

We believe that true and deep human conversation can help us connect, motivate us, & allow us to share our passion for change. 

Organizations, communities & even families will be able to adapt to future challenges when they learn to host meaningful conversation within them. 

We have learnt through our experience in social and environmental change, especially in the Israeli 2011 Social Protests, that although we have the right intentions, we often lack the tools to create sustainable partnerships for our common good.

The Art of Hosting is a response to a time when institutions and democracy itself are failing to address the increasing chaos in our world, and is and fertile ground for new, effective, healthy & sustainable Patterns of organizing, innovating and interacting.

The complex movement from conversation to effective action requires courage, skill, and the ability to grow beyond our comfort zones, to co-create something new.

Discussing this call a few months ago, we felt that Israeli society was ready to take a leap in conversation and communication.
Since than war has come our land, and the need for meaningful conversation has become much greater.
Now is the time to make spaces that allow us to share our fear and hope, and grow the light.

One of the saddest things that has happened in the last few months in Israel is that moderate or compassionate voices are not only drowned out, but bullied and silenced on the net on in the streets. We need to teach ourselves how to hold different point of view, even opposing ones, in the same conversation.
Diversity, Democracy & Freedom of speech hang in the balance.

Now is the time to build relationships that will drive the change forward. Time to experience methods and tools to engage people at a deep level.
Time to create the necessary framework for systemic transformational change, and the questions burning within.

As change agents here in Israel we feel a new story emerging, challenging us to harvest, listen and grow all the we have learnt & have become.
We invite you to witness and hold this calling with us in the upcoming trainings.

Aopl In Israel HOSTING TEAM –

Baroch Oren
Dror Noy
Liron Achdut
Maya Rimer
Meitav Zamir
Anat Kaplun
Ram Efrat
Tomer Ben-Ami

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