A letter from the AoH community in Israel

Dear Global AOH community,

My name is Dror, I’m 30 y/o from Israel. In the last few years my life path took me on a quest around the world; searching, exploring, and experiencing around the topic of co-creation of social realities and how people can overcome and understand the pains that inhibit us from making deep human connections and collaborating together.

During the past year, together with eight colorful Israeli Changemakers, we formed a core team circle working in collaboration with Greek team from the “Living Wholeness Institute” to co-create an AOPL Training for 3 days this coming September 2014(11th to 13th). The AOPL was conceived to allow 55 Israeli change makers, activists, social workers, communities & NGO leaders, government officials and group facilitators unfold conversations that matter to them;  We endeavor to co-create solutions based on developing mutual understanding as well as to give them the experience of the AoH as a tool, method and skill.

As some of you have probably read and know the current reality in Israel is at war, a volcano of emotions, fear and pain are exploding. Beyond the physical violence, however, we are facing  radical and violent emotional expression inside the Israeli society. We need to learn and use  new forms of work and models of communication that are fundamentally different from what we know today. I find it hard to express how I feel and explain what I am experiencing to my support circle in the world.  I don’t have the words to express what I feel in my heart about this situation, and at the same time, we in the core team and our participants feel strongly the need for support from our larger community.  Both so that we can feel their presence and that together we can learn and contribute.

I know that the connection between the global AHO/Aopl community to the local community is an important ingredient for creating resilience in the process of unfolding conversations that matter in Israel.  Since we find ourselves  so emotionally involved, living and breathing conflict in our daily routine,we feel it is especially important and valuable to have the voice of observers from outside in order to  create and bring a mirror to our  process.

Thinking and feeling the deep desire to have you  involved,  I want to use this letter to send a call to the global community with a request for you to connect with us here in Israel in any way you feel is appropriate.

In return we will share with you the harvest from the workshop, including; a short video, testimony booklet, visual harvesting, photos and blog post.

In thinking together we have come up with some ideas of what we would appreciate if you would be willing to contribute – please also know that you are welcome to come with any more creative ideas and share them with us.

  • Send us a short Video testimony on the role of AoH in my life? Why AoH is in my life?
  • Share our invitation and the workshop info with your network in Israel.
  • Put us in contact with the project, people, a community that can also learn from our current experience and can become our learning partners
  • Send a letter to the workshop members; share your story & experience about the role of meaningful conversion in your life.
  • Join our Fb Group” as a Contributor for emerging new & meaningful conversion in Israel” and follow the harvesting from the preparation and the workshop in September.

We open for collaboration with the International AoH community and open our heart in gratitude for your care and support.

With warm appreciation,

Dror behalf of the Israeli-Greek Hosting team

Maria Scordialos, Vanessa Reid, Tsila Piran, Odysseas Velentzas, Baroch Oren, Liron Achdut, Maya Rimer, Meitav Zamir, Amit Lerner, Anat Kaplun, Ram Efrat and Tomer Ben-Ami

“With gratitude we affirm our birthright to be here in Earth, endowed with self-reflexive consciousness, the power to choose. To be here in solidarity with each other. To be a living, intrinsic, blessed part of this living Earth.” ~Joanna Macy